Impressive figures show iPhone is buyer’s favorite choice worldwide!


The analysts have cited figure which makes the iPhone X, the latest offering by Apple Inc the clear winner as the figures clearly demonstrate that it is the world’s best selling Smartphone model with over 16 million units being sold and the suit is followed by iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Well, now that the figures have been put out, the fact that people had once believed that iPhone X was a failure or a flop has now been done away giving that the device has huge figures speaking in favor of it both in terms of shipment and market share and iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus take the second and third place after it.

Also it is found out that globally 345 million smartphones were sold and the top android producers were Xiaomi Redmi 5A and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

Also Apple has said that it sold 52.2 million iPhones and iPhone X occupied a major portion of those sales figures.

Cook, the proud CEO of Apple about the sale of iPhone X has said that iPhone X has been the buyer’s first choice and it has been there on the top since its launch in December.

The shipment figures of the iPhones have been quite overwhelming given that it has shipped 50 million iPhone X , 12.5 million iPhone 8 and 8.3 million iPhone 8 Plus. Also the previous generation 5.6 million units of the iPhone 7 were sold which drags it to the fourth place for the best selling Smartphone. So like the combination of these shows that Apple accounts for four of the world’s six most popular Smartphone.

Just behind iPhone 7 at position 5 was Redmi 5A which was followed by Galaxy S9 Plus. Also the performance of Galaxy S9 was by far impressive given that it was released just three weeks prior to the end of the first quarter.

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