How to improve battery life on Apple iOS 8


Apple iOS 8 has been launched with many changes and since yesterday, it is available for the general public to update on their existing devices. There are a few features which Apple has been boasting about, however, those features have been enjoyed by Android users over a few years now.

Features like custom keyboards, third party widgets and app specific battery usage are available for Android since a few years now. However, with iOS 8, even Apple has entered into that segment.

The update has been going out for a few hours now, there are people with mixed reviews of iOS 8, there are a few telling that the iOS has given their device a new charm and at the same time, there are people complaining that iOS 8 has been draining the battery.

iOS 8 battery usage statistics

If you are also in the group of people experiencing the drained out battery, there is a solution for you. Just navigate to Settings —> General —> Usage —> Battery Usage. On that screen, you will see tha bettery current status, charging status with the time remaining and the list of the top apps with most battery usage in last few hours or days. If you are checking it right after installing the iOS 8 update, it might just show you the data for a couple of hours, but eventually it will start showing the usage data of last 7 days.

Once you have an idea about which app is eating the most of battery power, you can close that app when you need to run your phone for a longer time.

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