How to include system files in OS X search


When you search anything on OS X, either through Finder window or through Spotlight, the search results only includes the files, folders and applications in the system. It won’t display system files and if you want to access system files then you want to include system files in the search and sort them according to name or content.

System flies on Mac includes preference files, fonts, cache files and others. This tutorial explains how to include the system files in Finder or spotlight search.

How to include system files in OS X search

  • Navigate to the Finder window on your Mac and hit Command + F and this opens a new window.
  • Make sure that, This Mac is selected, such that Mac finder searches throughout the Mac.
  • Beneath the search field, you will find a icon, click on it.
  • Select Other from the drop-down menu.
  • In the following window scroll down and select System files.
  • Next in the following window, select are included option.

That’s it, now all system files are included into OS X search. Now you can easily search for the system files through Finder windows and spotlight in OS X.

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