How India will fight against Mutant Covid Strain of Britain?


Covid Mutant Strain: What We Know

First, there’s no need to change the existing Covid treatment protocols in the country. This means that the existing methods to treat the coronavirus cases in the country are adequate for treating the mutant strain as well

Second, the current testing strategy is sufficient for detecting the UK strain as well. This is because India is using two or more genes for testing sars-cov-2 it is unlikely to miss the infected cases under the current testing strategy.

Third, it is critical for India to identify and isolate the people coming into the country infected with the virus, given its high transmissibility.

Covid Strain

Genome Sequencing

Fourth, India should conduct genome sequencing, which will help see how fast the virus is mutating and in what fashion, if I got the genome sequencing is already being done in the country across 10 government labs that have been set up to trace viruses, Journey.

Vaccine Development

And finally, the vaccine that is currently being developed to fight the coronavirus will be effective in fighting the new strain.

All the passengers who arrived from the U.K. between December 21st and December, twenty third have been tested at the airport. This testing is being done for all the passengers who have entered India between December nine and December 22nd. Not only those are allowed to leave the airport whose PCR test results are negative.

The passengers from the UK who tested positive were put under institutional isolation and their samples were sent for genome sequencing. Once it was confirmed that their virus is not a new UK virus strain, they were allowed to leave and asked to follow the current protocols for the Covid cases that some of them could home quarantine.


All the UK rivals during the past 28 days have been cheered by the Bureau of Immigration with the concern states, all the passengers who arrived from the UK between 25th November and December 20th are being tracked by the district and state surveillance units.

There is a concern because a few of such people have gone missing. For those who are being tracked down, the same process of testing, isolation, and genome sequencing is being followed. Enhanced contact tracing of these positive cases is also being undertaken, and all the contacts are being put under the facility.

Prospective Surveillance

It basically refers to the random testing of the Covid positive cases from across the country. Even five percent of these regular positive cases will be sent for genome sequencing. Now, this whole process will help the scientists determine if the Indian strain is mutating into something more dangerous. The idea behind this is to constantly monitor the changing behavior and the effect of coronavirus.

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