Inside Report : Just 46% of the total iPhone users using iOS 8


The user statistics of iPhone users has recently been launched, and the news is nothing exiting for the team building iOS 8 since ages. If the reports are to be compared, then a very few people upgraded to iOS 8 in the last week of September. For a clear picture, have a look at the below image

Apple iOS 8 marketshare

So in the 2 weeks time (which was taken into consideration while making this report), the percentage of users using iOS 8 has just increased by 1% and the users using a version earlier then iOS 7 has also been increased.

According to a few experts, the change in the increased percentage of iOS 8 depends a lot on the new iPhone 6 coming into the market on a huge volume. This will surely affect the total number of devices and total number of devices running iOS 8. So this makes a pretty sad news for the Apple, that people are using iOS 7, downgrading, but not upgrading to iOS 8. Something to worry for Apple??

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