Instagram Co-Founder Kevin Systrom talks about his leave and a lot more with Facebook in an Interview


In a recent interview and the last one related to the relationship between him & Facebook, Mr. Systrom let out a few emotions

A couple of weeks earlier, Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger announced they were leaving Facebook 6 years after the initial acquisition. At the time, reports conveyed towards a growing rift between Instagram leadership and Mark Zuckerberg. Recently, Systrom has publicly addressed the relationship for the first time.

Systrom spoke at the WIRED25 Summit in San Francisco. The co-founder and former CEO explained that while he doesn’t think that Instagram is “done” in any way, he felt like it was “in orbit” while he was there:

“Instagram didn’t feel done by any stretch of the imagination, but it felt like it was in orbit. And if we let go and let others take it, it would continue to go on,” Systrom said at the WIRED25 Summit in San Francisco on Monday.

Kevin Systrom & Mike Kreiger Spent a lot of time with their Social Media platform

Systrom also let the people know in the interview that, when he created Instagram, he had no idea he would work on it for 8 years.

As for the supposedly rancid relationship between Instagram and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Systrom stated that “no one ever leaves a job because everything is awesome.

Ultimately, however, he stated that there are “no hard feelings at all” between him and Facebook, adding that he would desire Instagram to continue to succeed.

If this thing triples in size and becomes the most important thing in the world, that would be an awesome outcome for me, even if I’m not running it,” he said.

The future is unseen, yet he has high hopes for a very bright Future

As for the future, Systrom didn’t let out any major hints, saying he’s instead of taking a step back to learn to fly, spend time with family, and work with other entrepreneurs:

“I don’t have any plans yet, except for hanging out for a little while,” Systrom said. He’s spending time with his 9-month-old daughter between flying lessons, doing some writing, and working with entrepreneurs—any of which, he noted, could point him to his next project.

Since the departure of Systrom and Kreiger, former Facebook News Feed VP Adam Mosseri was announced as the head of Instagram.

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