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How to install third party apps on macOS

Here is a tutorial on to how to install non App store applications on your macOS powered devices to get most out of your device.

macOS has witnessed a lot of criticism to the recent security breach, which gave users to access any macOS powered device (macOS high Sierra) just by typing root in the username and pressing enter. However, soon after that, Apple pushed an update to cover up with a loop hole.

macOS has a lot of nerve and the software is based on Linux operating system, so its secure fast and update. However, in terms of app ecosystem, the platform does lack a lot and most of the publishers are not publishing their app on the Apple app store, so, the only way to install these apps is via offline mode. Compared to iOS, macOS does have a lot of freedom and if you into installing non Appstore apps, then you just need to follow these steps.

Go to settings > Privacy and security > click on the lock key in the bottom left corner > enter the admin name and passcode > select app store and identified developers > click on the lock once again to lock the lock. Tada, now you can download native .DMG file to do the offline installation.

For the media buffs, our first choice of apps are here. if you are into watching a lot of movies and videos on your macOS powered devices, then here are the two of the best media player open source apps.

  • VLC media player
  • MPlayerX

Compared to the Quick Time Player, these two legitimate applications and supports almost any video format with support for multiple audio switching and subtitle support. To install these apps, download these apps from official websites and double-click on them, then drag and drop the app to the application folder to complete the installation.

Not only these, you can also download many paid applications like photoshop and final cut pro by downloading from torrent (we won’t recommend) and ultimately, you can make your macOS device great again.