How to install Windows 10 on mac


Microsoft has recently announced its much awaited Windows 10 Operating System and it also released Windows 10 Technical preview to the developers. If you wan’t to give it a try on your Mac device, then here is the tutorial how to do so.


How to install Windows 10 on mac

  • To install Windows 10 on Mac, you need to install Parallels Desktop 10 on your Mac. Download trial version of Parallels desktop 10 from here.
  • Now you need to download Windows 10 Technical Preview. Follow below procedure to download it.
    • Go to and click on join now to register.
    • After completing the signup process, click on the link to the ISO specific to your setup.
    • After downloading ISO file, transfer it to the USB flash drive. You can also burn this ISO file onto the CD/DVD, but this process is time consuming.
    • Use that DVD or USB flash drive and boot up your PC from this installation media and then follow the instructions shown on screen.
  • Now download Windows 10 Technical Preview VM shell and unzip the file to documents/parallels.
  • In the parallels folder, you will find Windows 10 shell.pvm file and double click on it and then click on copied in dialog box.
  • In the next dialog box, select don’t change
  • Now in the preboot execution environment screen, choose actions from top, a drop will be displayed and select stop.
  • Click on actions again, followed by configure>hardware>CD/DVD 1 page>Connect to:>choose an img file. Here locate the image file WindowsTechnicalPreview.iso which you have downloaded.
  • Next open Windows 10 Technical Preview VM shell Virtual machine which you have downloaded in step 3 and proceed with the installation process.
  • After completing the installation process, create an user account for the Windows 10 Technical preview desktop.
  • Finally you need to install Parallels Tools from Actions>install parallel tools. 

That’s it, you have finally installed Windows 10 Technical Preview on Mac.

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