Intel to be Apple’s exclusive cellular modem supplier for iPhones says Qualcomm CFO


In a recent conference call, George Davis said: “We believe Apple intends to solely use our competitor’s modems rather than our modems in its next iPhone release.” In the recent years, Intel has been the only competitor of Qualcomm in supplying GSM modems to Apple.

As we know Apple is leading and one of the best smartphone manufacturer in the world. If Qualcomm loses it as its client than the loss it will have to face will be huge. Apple is also one of their biggest clients and makes a big share of Qualcomm’s revenue.

Why Intel?

Apple has decided to shift to Intel. Some reports are saying all of its devices would be having Intel now. This change is mainly due to Intel’s latest¬†XMM7560 chip. This chip is given more importance because it supports both GSM and CDMA carrier networks.

Now, Intel is producing this chip in a large quantity for Apple’s iPhones which will be coming up in 2018. New iPhones are expected to launch in September and a month later one LCD iPhone will be launched. Till now, we were not sure that all the Apple devices will be using the Intel chips but now Intel has verified this through their technology blog.

Apple has been in a conflict with Qualcomm since 2016 regarding some Patents and Royalties. Till now, it was using Qualcomm because it was better but now Apple has got a better option so, has strong incentive to ditch Qualcomm.

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