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84 Review: If you want to capture the attention of busy users, you need to make them the protagonist of your video to wow them. And if you think that creating interactive video content is only for the Spielbergs of marketing, think again.

With users being bombarded by content everywhere, you need something that’ll make your content stand out.’s interactive videos encourage your audience to engage by making them a part of your story.

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intelli Review

The Intelli Design Studio is an intuitive tool that helps you add interactive elements to your video content in a matter of just minutes. lets you add a variety of interactive elements to your videos, including images, audio, and call-to-action buttons.

You can enter in text using the Intelli Text tool for guaranteed typography that’s sharp and attractive in any screen resolution. You’ll also be able to insert breakpoints to stop the video at any point; create loops; include audio, images, animated GIFs, and pop-ups; jump to another point in the video; and much more.

Intelli Analytics was designed to capture users’ interactions and give you better insights into how your audience responds to your video content. You’ll be able to determine which videos resonate best with your audience, so that you can try to replicate that success in future videos.

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On the analytics dashboard, you can see stats like views, interactions, and play rate, looking back in time as far as the last 90 days. Tired of having to grab video content from different platforms? Keep all your videos in one place by hosting them on’s hosting is secure and private by default, allowing you to control who has access to your video content. has carefully developed its UI to meet all of the highest standards in user experience and accessibility.

From day one, the software has been compatible with assistive technologies like screen readers to create an inclusive experience that all can enjoy. And with its intuitive functionality, you’ll be on your way to creating fun, interactive videos in no time!

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