Interbrand’s Best Global Brand ranks Apple top, consecutively 6th Time in a Row


For the sixth year in a row, Apple is now leading an annual brand ranking published by a famous consulting firm Interbrand, although Amazon is right behind Apple.

Interbrand’s scores are based on 10 criteria, namely clarity, commitment, governance, responsiveness, relevance, engagement, differentiation, consistency, authenticity, and presence. Apple particularly is said to have been strongest in engagement, differentiation, and consistency, and seen its brand value reach up 16% to $214.48 billion.

Other companies and their Ranking

Google stayed at its 2nd place, rising 10% to over $155.5 billion. Amazon, however, reached up 56% to more than $100.76 billion, putting itself 3rd.

Amazon has “reinvented almost every sector,” according to Interbrand, overhauling previously small or failing projects into successes such as Echo speakers (Alexa-Assisted) and award-winning programming on Prime Video. Amazon’s fashion business alone is said to be the second-biggest in the U.S.

Apple and Amazon are now competing in several divisions, such as smart speakers, tablets, TV set-tops, and on-demand music. That challenge is only set to rise, for instance through Apple’s entry into the premium TV.

Other recognizable tech firms in Interbrand’s top 10 were Microsoft in 4th, Samsung in 6th, and Facebook on 9th.

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Fathima Banu

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