Apple released iOS 11.2.1 solving HomeKit Remote Sharing Fix


Apple has pushed a new software update on for iOS, which solves some of the bugs that were introduced on the iOS 11.2. The update can be downloaded on the iOS devices running on the iOS 11.2 for free of cost. If you haven’t seen the update notification, then head towards settings > general > software update to install this new iOS 11.2.1 patch.

Make sure that, you have connected your Apple iPhone or Apple iPad with the faster wireless WiFi network to install the software, as one cannot install the update on the mobile network. Unlike the iOS 11.2, this iOS 11.2.1 update does not introduce any new features, however, it does solve some problems that were introduced with the last update.

This latest update resolves the issue to re-enable the remote access to share the users with Apple Home app, which caused a lot of chaos via iOS 11.2 update. The Home Kit bug allowed unauthorised users to access Home Kit accessories including the smart lock feature. However, to stop the abuse, Apple disabled the remote access from the server side and the same has been enabled via this update.

Considering this update solves the critical patches, this is a must install the update for the iOS users. As installing the latest software update will always offer uninterrupted user experience which also increases the overall user experience by solving the known bug fixes.

We would also like to mention that, Apple introduced Apple Pay Cash and faster 7.5W wireless charging on the Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone 8 Plus, and Apple iPhone X. The Apple Cash enables the users to send and receive money using iMessage (in the US) and fast wireless charging will enable the device to charger quicker with a fast charging enabled Qi-based wireless charging pad.

So, did you find any new bugs in the iOS 11.2.1? Share your experiences in the comment box.

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