iOS 11.3.1 update fixes third party display issues; maOS gets important security update too


Its surely a boost to the performance of the apple devices given that apple has release updates for iPad, iPhone and the Mac, and the update iOS 11.3.1 fixes an important third party display issue whereas security update 2018-001 for macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 deals with a few serious problems relating to software.

Update of iOS 11.3.1, sized at 49.5 megabytes provides a major boost to the iPhone systems given that it solves a critical problem whereby it addresses the unresponsiveness of iPhone 8 devices to touch-based inputs. Alongside that it also fixes minor bugs and small problems. Also the devices that had shown he unresponsive in a greater scale were the ones that had underwent servicing with third party replacement displays.

Also alongside the update Apple issues a caution note to its users asking them to refrain from using unauthorized and third party replacement part for their products, as no-genuine parts would detoriate the performance of the device and may reduce its usability.

Coming to the Security Update 2018-001 does its part to fix the vulnerability in macOS High Sierra 10.13.4. It addresses a memory corruption issue by improving error handling. The vulnerability so addressed by this update had allowed an application to have greater privileges which would have proved fatal if an attacker could gain access to it and got control of the MAC desktop when left unpatched.

The other issue was the maliciously crafted test messages which could have used to spoof user interface. The issue mostly existed in the manner Link Presentation handled URLs and it has been done away with by improved input validation.

Thus on the performance font, the devices after receiving the updates are sure to have a boost in their performance which would enhance the experience of using the devices as the bugs have been done away with.

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