iOS 11.3 Beta brings back ‘iBooks’ App


Apple has changed the name of ‘Books’ in the fourth beta release of iOS 11.3, reverting the name of the iPhone and iPad e-reader app back to its former identity of iBooks after just over a month.

Part of Monday’s Beta release, the name change from “Books” back to iBooks is the only alteration made to the app. Opening the app shows no major updates to it, aside from the reversion of the name to what it is known by in the full public release of iOS.

Apple initially changed the name of the app on January 24,as part of the first iOS 11.3 beta provided to developers. The only change made at that time was its name.

The temporary name change is an indication that Apple is continuing its trend of transitioning its product and services away from its iconic “i”  naming scheme.

The removal of the “i” prefix also mirrors the way Apple shifted the naming scheme of its notebook line from iBook to MacBook, though it still prevalent across the entire iOS devices line as well as in the name of the iMac.

Aside from the name change, the iBooks app is rumored to be undergoing a redesign that could launch in the xoming months, one that would bring the app in line with the app store’s refurbishment in design 2017.

It is unknown if Apple will officially rebrand iBooks to “Books”  at the time of the iOS 11.3 release or keep the old name until the rumored refresh ships.

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