iOS 11 bugs appear in Apple’s official advertisement


In one of Apple’s recent advertisements, there is an animation bug which is so minute that you could miss it before you could say Jack Robinson. As usual, Apple produced a commercial that could be in cinemas, but at the very end there is a small bug that Apple missed and popped up in one of their advertisements. The message popping up as a notification is supposed to stay in the bubble but escapes it, which is a very minute mistake but the fact that it propped up in one of Apple’s adverts just goes to show the crazy amount of bugs that iOS has failed to deal with.

In the iPhone X ad, the bug that featured was actually signed off to appear in the commercial. Absorb that information. Bugs are so prevalent in Apple’s software that even their ads can’t escape it.

This is also not the only bug iOS 11 has featured so far. There are also problems with the Music app, misaligned text in the app store and even rotation issues. Reports about the ‘black screen of death’ were also a problem for the software. There are plenty of security bugs that make headlines but there are plenty of other bugs that do not, leading to quite a few in total.

On the plus side, Apple is going to refine the iOS 11 rather than releasing iOS 12. Apple does intend on focusing more on fixing bugs over new features. Probably a good move.

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Fathima Banu

Fathima has had her share of experience with various media ventures before getting with The iBulletin. She has been an active contributor to a number of magazines and at The iBulletin, she writes editorials related to Apple, the brand and its business.


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