iOS 12 : List of top 10 new features announced at WWDC 2018


Over the years, Apple’s WWDC has become one of the most sought after tech events across the globe. The annual event by world’s most valuable tech company sees a lot of new announcement including new OS, new products and other company announcements.

At WWDC 2018, out of all the other things, iOS 12 did gather the most attention. A number of new features made this event the highlight of the annual developer conference by Apple. In this post, I am going to take you through the list of 10 best features of iOS 12, which were announced at WWDC 2018.


Apple has been investing a lot on making Siri the best personal assistant available today. With the new OS, Apple has further increased the capabilities of Siri, the personal assistant on Apple devices.

There are a number of AI features embedded inside Siri, which will help the users with activities throughout the day. For an example, Siri can now remember anniversary and birth dates and will remind you on the day. It will also take care of the smaller things including reminding you to leave for home or calling someone on the birthday.

The new features in Siri will make the assistant learn from your daily routine and will help you do things faster. For an example, Siri can order your favourite coffee for you at the favourite store or can remind you to visit your family if you happen to be nearby them. With the latest features, Siri integrates even better with products like your iPhone, Apple Watch and HomePod to give a personalised experience. Siri can also order groceries, fix appointments or make phone calls for you on just a voice command.

Memoji on iMessages

Memoji ios 12

With iPhone X, Apple had announced the Animoji. Using the animoji feature, the users can pick any of emoji from the list and make it imitate any of the expressions using the front camera. However, with iOS 12, Apple has gone a step further.

Using the new Memoji feature within iMessages, the user can use their own cartoon created within the app to imitate any of the actions or to repeat any of the conversation using the front camera. The Memoji can be further personalised using features like changing skin tone, using accessories like sunglasses, changing hairstyle, facial features etc.


facetime on iOS 12

The latest feature on FaceTime app now allows you to add upto 32 members in a video call to enjoy the experience even more. Before adding someone onto a facetime call, the user can select whether to connect via video or audio. It works like a big group conference call where iOS will enlarge the tile of the friend who is speaking. The user can tap onto any other tile to enlarge that.

Notification Center

Deleting notifications from the notification center has been one of the biggest headaches for a lot of iOS users over time. However, with iOS 12, the users will not have option to group the notifications with apps, group or thread. The whole group of notifications can be deleted using a single swipe. Also, the users can control the apps which can send notifications.

App Limits

To better control activities of your kids on phones, iOS 12 now allows you to decide an amount of time for which you want your kids to use a particular app. The feature also allows setting limits for yourself. This is useful in case you feel you have been wasting a lot of time using a particular App. If you exceed the time limit set by yourself, iOS does send you a notification alerting the usage.


Apple has embedded a number of AI features in the latest iOS 12. The photos app now reminds you of the memories via date and place. Users can also search for their photos using multiple filters including people, places and tags. Also, when a user shares the images with a contact and if the contact also has pictures from the same place on similar dates, the OS prompts them to share the images too.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality

Over the last few months, Apple has been showing its interest towards using AR on the mobile operating system. iOS 12 gives a deeper glimpse in just that. With apps like measure, 3D Graphics and ARKit, Apple has shown its plans to get even more aggressive on the AR front and we should surely see some more announcements coming in the upcoming time.


This app was earlier known as Apple iBooks. Apple has rebranded the entire app. The book store has a new UI and it allows the users to continue from where they left last time. The preview feature also allows the users to preview a particular title before they decide to buy the same.


News is another front, where Apple has been working a lot in last few months. With the revamped news experience, Apple now allows you to pick your own sources and see the updates right on the control center. The top stories are now manually decided by the news team at Apple. Also, it allows a seamless navigation to favorites, and other topics.


Apple has integrated a new news section within the stocks app. The stock ticker goes on throughout the day and it has handpicked stock news and suggestions picked by Apple’s news team. Tapping onto a headline opens the entire story within the app, so that the user does not have to leave the app. Stocks app is also coming to iPad with iOS 12.

speed ios 12

These were the 10 biggest features announced by Apple for iOS 12 at WWDC 2018. Let us know what you think about these features or if you feel some more features were missed out.

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