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iOS 12 allows users to securely share passwords using AirDrop

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Apple announced an upgrade to all the “short-term memory loss” folks who have a hard time remembering passwords. While the future did exist for quite some time but now Apple is also going to let you share them securely.

Apple, as part of iOS 12 Beta, now allows you to share passwords with others via  AirDrop between different iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 Mojave devices.

On an iOS 12 device, one needs to open the iOS Settings app and head over to Website & App Passwords section. After selecting the login, tap on the password field and an option to AirDrop the login will appear.

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On the device to which you AirDropped the password to, the password will go straight into the same Passwords section in Settings. If an entry for that site exists, you’ll be given the option to update it or cancel the process altogether.

Users on both devices are required to authenticate via Touch ID or Face ID (or a regular old password, depending on which Mac you have) before the password can be sent or saved.

However, as the feature is only available for iOS 12 and macOS Mojave users, it is as of now limited for use on only a few devices. We need to wait until the full roll-out of iOS 12 to see the feature in action more often.

This feature is highly useful when you are working in a collaborative environment, where passwords need to be shared with team members for accessing common logins. This feature proves handy when you wanna share the password for certain subscription with your family members or spouse for easier access.

Another very intriguing feature in iOS 12 is the one voice command of Siri to display all your passwords stored. You just have to ask Siri, “Siri, show me my passwords,” Siri will open up your iCloud Keychain after you authenticate your identity with a fingerprint, a Face ID scan, or a passcode.

As reported by us earlier, Apple paid a lot of attention this year on passwords and security at the WWDC 2018. Apple introduced the automatic password suggestion feature in the iOS 12. Under this feature iOS 12 will automatically suggest strong and unique passwords regardless of where the account is being created. Once a password is created, it gets saved into iCloud keychain and can be accessed only with proper authentication.

Well, we need for the iOS 12 to roll out completely in order to see this feature completely in action. Too excited for iOS 12, check out the cool iOS 12 feature her.