iOS 12 : Emojipedia lists features we should expect


2018 isn’t even halfway through yet and people have started looking into 2019. People have started speculating the different and new emojis we might from the vendor next year.

Emojipedia; the Wikipedia of Emjois, is on the run to decide the next year’s emoji pack well in advance. The website has listed some of the new emoji candidates for next year’s release.

Flamingo and White Heart are two of the emojis most requested by Emojipedia users in 2018. Both are shortlisted for the 2019 release of Emoji 12.0 […]

Some of the [other] draft candidates include a diving mask, axe, waffle, diya lamp and hindu temple.


This year’s emojis were finalised in February earlier this year. The Lobster and microbe characters were among the more interesting animal emoji in Unicode 11, while useful food items include leafy greens, bagel and salt.

Generally, the emojis are requested by registered users on the website and then factors like how much people liked the emoji and how popular it was, decide whether the emoji makes it to an icon pack. Same goes for Apple, they would wanna, of course, choose the most popular emojis to lure in their users

ios 11 1

This year’s emoji will go live on June 5 but you might face an error like a box with an X or question mark. Well this is because of the fact that those emojis would be supported in iOS 12 only. And iOS 12 won’t be out until October of this year

The full list of what we might expect next year is shown below. You can also see below a video of the 2018 set – though some versions have been tweaked since it was created.

Ringed Planet

Let us wait for the function today and find out how exciting the new emojis look for this year while the future planning of Emojipedia has to wait another year.

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