iOS 8 apps which work best with Notification Center Widgets


One of the newest features in iOS 8 is the addition of widgets in the notification bar. You can customize it the way you want, with the app icons you want and with the functionality you want. Setting up widgets in iOS 8 is pretty easy and it makes sure that you can control most of your tasks right from the notification bar, even without having to open the app.

If you have still not configured the widgets on your notification bar, then navigate to the notification bar, tap on the today section, scroll down and tap onto edit. Now you can see a list of all the apps which have an available widget to be placed on the notification center. Select all the widgets, and tap on save. Now you will have the selected widgets on your notification center and you can start making use of it.

There are a lot of apps which use the notification center widget, below is a list of the best apps utilizing the notification center widget. Have a look.


Evernote for iOS 8

Evernote is one of the most used iOS apps. Evernote has a widget in the notification center, using which you can take a picture, access your photos, set a reminder, send a text and do a lot more things which are possible with Evernote app without even opening it.


Dropbox for iOS8

The cloud giant has a dedicated widget on the notification bar with the options which let you access your files from the notification center. You can edit the files from your personal and business accounts separately. You can get access to files as to when you had uploaded them as well as the time when you had edited any of them.


Kindle for iOS8

Amazon’s Kindle app has some amazing features and now the widget shows those features too. Once you tap onto the kindle widget present in the notification bar, you get a list of the books you are reading and also how much you have progressed with the same. The moment you tap on a book name, it takes you directly to the last page you read of that book.

Quick Tap

Quick Tap app for iOS8

Quick tap is another good app having access to notification center. It lets you do the normal tasks right from the notification center like texting, making a call, navigation, camera etc. The app is completely free, but in-app purchases let you personalize your experience.


Buzzfeed app for iOS 8

This widget gives you the access to all your Buzzfeed content right on the notification bar. It includes the featured image with the content, you can bookmark and share the content as well without opening the app.


Well, that’s all for now, stay tuned for more updates. 🙂

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  1. Quick-tap is an amazing alternative for the removed ‘Launcher’ app. I tried
    this Quick-Tap app and bought the in-app purchase (1,79 euro) to use
    more then 3 apps per row.

    What’s great about it:
    – instantly post an e-mail to one or more favorite contact person(s)
    – call/facetime//sms/imessage/whatsapp to contact
    – it supports tons of apps that already support that 3rd party apps start their app

    What it is missing is:
    – instantly tweet
    – instantly publish facebook message
    – easy way to move apps in a row or to another category row
    – quickly access options in e.g. settings app

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