iOS ensures enhanced privacy with an option to not share contact details


A step by Apple has been initiated by which third party applications would not be allowed to access the contacts of the users’ phone. This is a decent step by Apple Inc to ensure the safety of privacy of the user given that often access to the sensitive information by the third part apps would lead to undesirable consequences to an individual, given that often Applications from an untrusted site may lead to the selling of the contact information to another party which is surely unwanted and unaccounted for, hence this step by Apple to stop any third party apps from accessing the information.

But it’s not an automatic update and the user has to tune his settings accordingly so that the third part apps are stopped form being able to accessing the contact information.

But, the part of iOS is that once permission for access is granted to an application, it cannot be revoked, so what is it that they do if they wish to keep other apps from accessing the contact information? Well they just simply turn that off by following the simple steps:

  • Go to settings -> general –> restrictions
  • Creating restrictions would mean setting up a password
  • Go to the privacy section and click on contacts
  • There would be two options one would find: allow changes/ don’t allow changes
  • Select don’t allow changes

So, as stated following the above mentioned steps would block any unwanted apps to take a note of the contact details in the phone and when it comes to protecting the privacy font, it is sure to give the user some added peace of mind.

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