iPad saves over $1.8 million and thousands of man hours for construction firm


Roger-O’Brien, the technology head of a Dallas construction firm revealed that iPads are saving over $1.8 million dollars and 55,000 hours of work time.

According to Todd Wynne, the iPads have been useful in solving a problem that no one outside the construction field could have thought existed. He told Business Insiderthat when it comes to paper-based plans, there are lots of versions going around. This sometimes led to work being done according to the outdated versions. This was frustrating as they needed to demolish the construction and make it properly.

“Building plans are now stored in the cloud and everyone works off the same always-updated version. So if an architect or engineer makes a change, that change is instantly available, via the iPad, in the field,” he said.“We call it the ‘One Truth.’ Everyone works off the One Truth,” he added. According to him, this practice reduces the cost of construction by up to 7 percent.

Wynne says that in construction work a lot of paperwork is involved. Storing these documents on iPads not only saves the paper, printing costs but saves a lot of time as well. Earlier, in order to check the documents, it was necessary to walk back to the office.

He said that they began getting 10-50 iPads from local stores without any discount. The store manager noticed this and contacted Wyyne asking what was he doing with those iPads. On hearing the story he invited Wyyne to take seminars at the Apple Store and teach other businesses about using iPads to ease their work.

Apple has now developed plans for such purposes and has made an enterprise partnership with IBM.

Wyyne uses Windows PC for most of his office related work. He chose iPads as they work for up to two days compared to 8-10 hours of the Windows tabs.

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