iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus preferred over iPhone X – suggests new analysis


Data unveiled after a latest analysis shows that the consumers in the US markets demand the older versions of the iPhones more that Apple Inc’s newest offering iPhone X. Even if the iPhones belong to the niche segment and iPhone X priced at a sky high $999, has not actually enjoyed an overwhelming response from the iPhone devotees inspite of the fact that the phone brought with it new and flagship features such as the edge to edge OLED display and the Face ID.

CIRP, with its data based on the sales in the US market has clearly shown that iPhone X, inspite of the much hype around it has been facing a great deal of heat when it comes to developing its reputation based on the sales figures. As per CIRP, the newest offering to the iPhone family accounts for a smaller share of the total sales compared to how the new entrants performed last year when they were introduced.

Relatively cheaper previous editions iPhones, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus priced at $699 and $799 has managed to be a better crowd puller than the newest iPhone X.

But this finding however is through the data, that also suggests that the dwindling sales of iPhone X is also a grave news to the company given that the older versions of the iPhones such as iPhone 6s and iPhone have so far maintained a relatively stable and strong position in the sales chart.

Tim Cook, the present CEO of the company had however suggested that iPhone X was the best selling device since its launch in November and but the number of takers in the US market clearly suggest facts contrary to it, though maybe Tim Cook took into account the worldwide market.

The trend that also surfaces shows that with eight models of the iPhones available in the market, the buyers seem to prefer the older ones and certainly the new features and the promised updates fail to sell the case for iPhone X priced highly at $1000.

Certainly, the data from the market doesn’t denote any great acceptance for the iPhone X and certainly the company has to come up with measures so as to push up the sales so that the device can live upto the hype it enjoyed before its launch.

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