Apple to launch ‘iPhone 8s’ with various color options like iPhone 5C?


There’s a famous saying. History repeats itself. Seems like Apple is looking forward to proving this saying. If rumors are to be believed, Apple could release the bright and colorful version of iPhone this fall, which it did back while releasing iPhone 5c.

According to an investment Well, Apple did this back in the day in order to make their LCD versions stand out from their high-end OLED versions.

Analyst Jun Zhang wrote for Rosenblatt Securities that the Apple “could launch multiple colours for the iPhone 8s(LCD model)” which are due for this year’s fall. The colour variants will include different colours like blue, yellow, pink and few others which aren’t disclosed yet. This step is clearly Apple screaming for attention from the younger generation.

We earlier reported that Apple will pretty much stand their ground on their Three iPhone Model. Like last year, the company will launch three models this year as well. Two OLED models which with 5.8-inch and the 6.5-inch display. The other lower end model will have an LCD display of size 6.1-inch. Now the addition of colour variants to the cheaper, as low as $799 version, LCD version can be connected to the fact that Apple would want their high-end OLED models and ‘mid-range’ LCD devices to be easily distinguishable.

Zhang in his article wrote that “One reasonable choice would be to add different colors. In the past few years, Apple didn’t offer a wide variety of colors to several models. Bringing back the bold colour scheme used in the iPhone 5c would certainly provide some distinction between the two tiers of potential iPhone, and could drive incremental demand for the LCD model.”

Zhang also put forward the speculation that Apple might introduce the triple camera system in their next generation of iPhones in 2018 or the 2019 versions. Triple camera setup is owed to the fact that it will greatly help the iPhone in 3D-sensing, similar to what we see in the TrueDepth technology.

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