iPhone frenzy as fans queue outside stores


It is that time of the year again- Apple fans have left everything aside and have started queueing outside stores for the new iPhones. All metropolitan cities like London, Singapore, Shanghai, and Sydney were witness to the huge lines in front of the stores, hours before they opened.

Even though the line and the craze was lesser than at the time of the launch of iPhone X, loyal fans still waited for their beloved devices.


Sydney’s George Street was crowded with fans from all over the country. The iPhone XS was the pick of the day by a good margin. It was reported that many people, including students and tech YouTubers from England, came all the way to Australia to get their hands on the phone earlier than those in their home country.

Many YouTubers also bought the entire line of products – iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the Apple Watch 4, just to be the first ones to unbox them on their channels. People bought them for themselves as well as their families



The entire Regent Street was temporarily converted in a campsite for Apple fanatics. The first person to get their iPhone had been queueing for more than 18 hours!

The most popular pick up was the iPhone XS Max, mostly because of its bigger screen size. Most buyers were college and university students looking to flip the devices on eBay for a profit. London’s cold weather did not deter the loyal ones from getting their devices. Many decided to wait in the lines rather than pre-ordering their phones, just to enjoy the party like atmosphere the Apple employees created.



Orchard Road acts as the only Apple store hub for many countries in Southeast Asia. Most fans from all over the continent collected more than one piece. The higher memory variants like the 512Gb models were the crowd favorite

The market launch also saw Huawei workers distribute free power banksĀ to the people waiting in the line, smartly marketing their new product P20.

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