iPhone may get adjustable camera sensors in future for clip on lenses


Today there are a number of accessories that are available in the market. These accessories help to enhance the features of iPhone, iPad etc.

One such accessory is the Clip-on Lens. It helps users take better pictures, widen the view and zooming in which a normal phone with its stock camera can’t. But sometimes while using these special tools we face glitches. We wrongly place them on the lens or failing to place the lens properly and we can’t actually help it.

What’s the solution?

Considering this problem, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple the patent for “Adapting camera systems to accessory lenses”. Apple originally filed this patent in 2016.

Apple will use a number of tools to detect the problem which are given as follows. A lens system, a photosensor, camera control, image analysis, and image processing software, which can be used to analyze the picture quality and detect problems.

How will it work?

  1. Firstly, this whole analysis system would consider a lot of factors. These includeĀ focus, sharpness, relative illumination, optical distortion, chromatic aberration, magnification, vignetting, and other metrics to see how the image has changed from existing results for the stock camera lens.
  2. After analysis, actuator will shift the camera according to the lens. It will tilt the camera according to the accessory lens or may move the camera closer to or far from the accessory lens.

Apple regularly files patent applications with the USPTO, and the publication of an application or granting of a patent is not necessarily a sign that Apple is actively working on introducing the technology in its consumer products.

In this case, such a system seems fairly plausible to add to an iPhone or iPad, as some of the elements are already in place. Aside from the software-based image analysis that could be processed on a mobile device, Apple does use mechanical optical image stabilization systems that help produce sharp images with minimal motion blur.

If this works perfectly then it would provide more ways to check on other accessories by using electromagnet etc and will surely be a big improvement.

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