Apple to cut prices of iPhones at the start of 2018

Apple Inc. is expected to make a permanent price cut on existing iPhones lineup to improved the sales in early 2018 (worldwide).


In most part of the world, people are planning to get their hands on latest Apple iPhones and its accessories, however, due to supply and demand issue most of the trending products are out of stock with expected restock on or after 8th January. A new leaks or rumour suggests that Apple is planning to cut the price tag of the complete iPhone lineup to attract a wider range of audience.

As the pre-orders for the latest models like the Apple iPhone X and Apple iPhone 8 Plus has caused Apple to make this decision during this festival season. If the words of the DigiTimes has to be believed, then Apple is getting ready to launch three new iPhones, in which two of them will feature OLED display like the Apple iPhone X and the remaining will come with an IPS LCD retina display.

Coming back to the topic of interest, DigiTimes also claimed that, due to this underrated performance, the smartphone maker might adjust the pricing of the existing lineup to attract next set of iPhone enthusiasts. As per the history of the company, they have never decreased the price of their iPhones until and unless they are launching a refreshed version of the same. For example, the Apple iPhone 7 becomes a tad bit cheaper when the company announced the Apple iPhone 8 and so on.

However, considering the stiff market competition, Apple might also decrease the prices of their devices and here bit of an explanation regarding the same.

To begin with, Apple calculates the profit margin by the number of devices sold and the percentage of profit it can make. If the products are costlier then the company will see a dip in the number of iPhones sold leading to a financial disaster. However, if the company decreases the price tag, the increase in the number of iPhones sold will make up the difference. So, in both cases, its a win-win for Apple and only in second case customer can get some benefit.

Recently Apple India increased the prices of its entire iPhone lineup due to a new import duty in India, so, we are less likely to see a price cut on the Apple iPhone X or Apple iPhone 8. That’s our point of view, what do you think Apple will do? Stick up to its policy or bend the policy? Finally, its Quantity over Commodity situation for Apple.

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