iPhone ranks 1st in smartphone market revenue in China


iPhone sales revenue hits $25.238 billion dollars and leads the local smartphone market revenue in China though iPhone ranks 3rd in the number of units shipped (32.1 million units), behind Oppo (38 million units) and Vivo (35 million units). However, Huawei company with 58 million units shipped technically is the leader in the number of units shipped but some figures split off in its honor brand.

The contradiction in iPhone sales and revenue rankings is a consequence due to the high price of iPhone X which costs $1,216 Dollars in China making it cost nearly 3 times more than the locally sold smartphones. Digi times claims that iPhone X garners 50% market share of the iPhone sales during the June quarter. But this statistic is disputed by another source which claims iPhone 6 series phone as the leading number of units being shipped. Every sale of a new iPhone can amount to a Chinese worker losing a single month salary due to Macroeconomics.

Apple has reaped $59.9 billion dollars in revenue and a significant part of it coming from shipments of 41.1 million iPhones giving $29 billion dollars profit. CEO Tim Cook said that iPhone X has still retained its position as the most popular Model worldwide even though iPhone 8 line may be doing better in their US homeland.  

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