iPhone SE 2 Rumors remain conflicted over design, release date


iPhone SE 2 Rumors are taking a huge part but there is little concord about what to expect should the device be real.

Chinese accessory makers who are claiming production has still to start working for the second-generation iPhone SE.  Apple is supposedly yet granting a final plan for the device among the various diverse prototypes it is said to have tested soon.

Some reports have claimed that at least one of the prototypes has an iPhone X-esque design. Including an approximately full-screen display with no home button and a notch. Whereas different prototypes are supposed to have an alike design as the popular iPhone SE, except with a glass back, probably to allow wireless charging also.

Ben Gaskin newly shared photos of what appears to be iPhone display glass with a simple pattern following the TrueDepth sensor installation on iPhone X. But in a follow-up tweet, he said that his sources say that the new iPhone SE will have the similar design and display as the popular model. It has a glass back.

Without Touch ID or Face ID, it’s still unclear to know how authentication would run on the new iPhone SE. And Apple looked to have chosen against that approach early on with the iPhone X.

Apple has not really renewed the iPhone SE since it launched in March 2016. Apple is Doubling its available storage capacities a year later. The device recently starts at $349in the United States with 32GB of storage.

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