iPhone SE 2 to launch in September; much expectations surround!


The Special Edition 2 of iPhone faces certain delay in its launch as per source as the new timeline for the same to be released should be sometime in September this year and is certainly not the spring ass was speculated earlier by the reports. Though the edition 1 of the iPhone Special Edition was released in the spring of 2016.

The reason as reports suggest is that Apple is yet to put a final decision as to how the phone would actually look, some reports have cited that the upcoming latest model of the iPhone SE would have a 4inch screen whereas some have said that iPhone SE 2 would have a massive 6 inch screen. Thus it still remains to be seen what Apple Inc puts in the block for iPhone.

Also, Apple has a lot of things hovering around with the SE 2 as reportedly the SE 2 would be coming up with a lot of new features, specifications call for a full face design Touch ID home button which is suggestive of the fact that the phone would switch to Face ID biometric authentication and thus there would be no cut out for Touch ID home button.

But however, the successor of iPhone SE would have unaltered aesthetics except for a glass back to facilitate wireless charging.

While much remains to be seen what Apple has in mind for the product yet mostly there would be a certain decent amount of addition to the features that the product would house also that it would have a certain number of specifications upgrade yet the price would be kept low for the same. The inclusion of TrueDepth Technology is most likely.

Given that the special edition Smartphone are a tad different form the other iPhones, a great lot of expectations certainly surround its release.

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