iPhone X failure? Apple trying to reduce existing supply


Samsung said that it’s first quarter profit was affected due to low demand for its flexible OLED panels. They believe that same had happened in the second earnings. This was considered a bad news for iPhone.

Fast company reports that the company ordered 8 million iPhone X handsets for the current quarter. It was disappointing for them as they sold 41 million iPhones over the same period last year.

The iPhone supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) warned about the slower growth in smartphones chip. TSMC said that the revenue for the second quarter would be in the range of $7.8 billion to$7.9 billon. This estimate was lower than the Wall street estimate of $8.8 billion. The company put the blame on the “weak demand”.

Another key apple supplier, AMS, which provide optical sensor in the iPhone X said that it expected sales for its second quarter to be in the range of $220 million to $250 million. It down nearly 50 percent from its first quarter.

Now the apple is trying to reduce the inventories that has been piled up because of the too many production in the last quater.

In a conference, Tim Cook said that the iPhone X has outsold all the other iPhones. This was after the launch of iPhone X. And a high average sell price $796 across all iPhone models suggested that the X, Apple’s most expensive phone, was indeed a heavy seller.

Apple reports its financial results for the March-ending quarter on May 1. Many analysts’ eyes will be on that ASP metric, which will give a strong hint at where iPhone X sales have headed since the company’s holiday quarter, which set records even though iPhone sales failed to meet expectations.

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