Ever wondered how much it costs Apple to make an iPhone X? Check details!


Apple iPhone X has been one of the most trending topics lately. Largely because of the new features that Apple has introduced and the most expensive price tag ever for an iPhone. iPhone X 64 GB version retails for $999, whereas, the 256 GB version is currently available for $1,149. However, have you ever wondered, how much does it cost to make an iPhone X? A new report by one of the most cited research firms, Techinsights gives us detailed information on the same.

As reported by Reuters first, Apple iPhone X 64 GB version costs $357.50 to make. This means, Apple has a whooping 64% margin when it retails iPhone X for $999. The margin percentage on Apple iPhone X is slightly higher than that of iPhone 8, which has 59% of gross margin on the price it is sold. iPhone 8 currently retails at a starting price of $699 for the starter version.

The Reuters report provides a part-by part costing detail for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. As widely speculated, screen remains the most expensive part for both, iPhone X and iPhone 8. 5.8 inch OLED Display is iPhone X costs $65.50 to the company, whereas, iPhone 8’s 4.7 inch LCD screen costs $36.

iPhone X uses a stainless steel chassis and that also costs a significant amount. In case of iPhone X, the stainless steel chassis costs $36, whereas, the aluminum chassis in iPhone X costs $21.50.


In a recent media interaction at the time of announcing Q4 numbers, where Apple CEO Tim Cook had spoken about the high price point of iPhone X, he had stated that the company provides value to the customer against the price point. He had stated that the technologies used in iPhone X will pave new way for the advancements in smartphone industry for years to come.

One of the major reasons, why the phones have such a price tag is also because the manufacturing cost does not take into consideration the investment in operations, R&D and marketing. The engineering teams spend countless hours on researching and coming with the cutting-edge technologies and user experiences. Apple has been a trendsetter in terms of user experience and technology over the years and fact can not be taken away.

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