iPhone X vs LG G7 ThinQ : Camera Comparison


LG has recently launched its newest flagship smartphone, the LG G7 ThinQ. Its like other flagship smartphones from several another operators which include a high-quality dual-lens camera. This camera enables powerful photographic abilities.

In the recent YouTube video, the G7 camera matched to iPhone X camera to compare and differentiate the feature set. And also, examine the image quality of the two devices.

iPhone X has a dual-lens setup which covers the broad-angle and a telephoto lens. Just like the G7 and G6 who takes a different plan for their camera setup. Presenting both a usual ~71-degree f/1.6 wide-angle lens and an even wider f/1.9 107-degree lens, avoiding telephoto abilities conjointly.

Both the sensors allow an advanced 16-megapixel pixel count. The regular lens adds the support for optical image stabilization. And also includes an autofocus mode that meets phase detection and laser.

LG’s device also opens a portrait mode-style effect that runs through lens technology but the background blurring is done entirely via software. LG has also added a different “AI Cam” feature that’s created to analyze the problems in the photo. It allows up suggestions on how to devise improvements for the best desirable photo.

The LG G7 and the iPhone X are both able to capture high-quality photos, so you will be impressed by each one of these smartphones.

iPhone X photos are largely preferred because of its ability to capture more natural colours. It also perfectly captures pictures with a lot of variety in lighting without overexposing details of the photo. But in a many of cases, the camera you like best is going to come down to individual likes.

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