iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S9. Which one reigns supreme?


The iPhone X has been a phone that has caused much to talk about, from their unexpected sales scores to the completely new design. Unsurprisingly and following a well set trend, Samsung has decided to enter as competition. Every time Samsung releases a phone right after Apple does, it is fair to expect that they will try to cover exactly what Apple failed to. At least what Samsung thought Apple failed to. Samsung uses this as a way to show consumers just why Samsung understands them better. Ever since the Samsung Galaxy S9 became a reality and something to expect, rumor mills have been churning. With the final release of the Samsung Galaxy S9 being set as March 16th by Samsung at its February 25th Launch Event at MWC 2018, the comparison has already begun. If you pre order your Samsung S9 though, it will get to you a week earlier.

Screen to Body Ratio

The advantages Samsung offers over Apple in regard to the S9 versus the iPhone X will be a few, but in particular the screen to body ration in terms of the Samsung S9 is undeniably better thought out.  The phone is seen to be shrinking with the frame of the phone growing smaller, with the screen staying the same. A smaller more compact phone in your hand, giving you exactly what the iPhone X gives you when it comes to screen size. The Galaxy S8 for example had a thicker body, with the same screen size. Not only is Samsung bettering itself, but also it is bettering Apple, because in comparing it is clear to notice that the difference is evident with the iPhone X having a screen to body ratio of 81.4% while Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a much higher and better ratio in comparison. Not that big a difference, but with competition this tough, a few bezels can make all the difference.

Security System

The Samsung S9 has also added its own version of Face ID, ‘Intelligent Scan’ which is set to have a more enhanced version of Face ID. The snapdragon 845 chip that is included has the ability of 50,000 data points which gives a more secure unlock feature. With a  3D scanning mechanism, it cannot be fooled by a picture unlike its predecessors . With iris scanning and your face shape, no matter what lighting around you, a very secure lock is assured. The phone will try to scan your face first, then it will check for irises. If on both accounts, the phone refuses to unlock, then a combination of the two is used to authenticate your identity,


In Apple’s defense on the huge backlash it got for so many of their phones looking similar after the iPhone 6, it is hard to miss that the S9 is an easy substitute for the S8 in terms of looks in many ways. Curved glass panels on the front and back and metal design is the design look for the S9. The key differences between the two are the added factor of the fingerprint sensor being beneath the camera  and the flash switching sides. Comparing it to the Samsung Galaxy S9, both have vertical cameras and are pretty compact but the X does wind up looking slightly sleeker and is after all a smaller phone. The iPhone X at a 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm and the S9 at 147.7 x 68.7 x  8.5 mm, is not a huge difference but the difference does remain.  Even in terms of material, the iPhone as it has always done, screams premium with a stainless steel border and a unique shimmer to the back of the phone with a special mix of materials used there as well. Samsung is available in 4 colors.


The S9 does have a better brightness  than the S8 or even the iPhone X. Even though the iPhone X has a fairly bright display, Samsung does still beat it hollow with its new brightness which is probably beating every Smartphone on the market. In terms of resolution as well, the S9 has beaten the iPhone X, giving it a better pixel density. With 568 per inch on the Samsung and 459 per inch on the Apple, Samsung does beat Apple in terms of display. The Apple iPhone X does have a more sleek design, like I have said before as it does tend to have a more space age look which does give it an edge. Super AMOLED is the display on the S9 while the iPhone X has a Super Retina Display (OLED). Should be noted though, that Samsung did make the display for Apple at the end of the day.

The Camera that works like your Eye- Samsung

The camera was marked as one of the biggest reasons to upgrade or switch in the advertisement of the Phone. A dual aperture camera. It basically is an aperture that will adjust to the environment that you are in. In the dark, the camera will open wider, while in sunlight the aperture will not be as low. The aperture in the dark by the S9 will be the lowest ever recorded on a Smartphone at 1.5. Apple is sure to copy this one next time because-let us be honest- it is an amazing idea.

A DSLR as your phone is pretty cool. The 2.4 will be the daytime aperture. The camera on the X is good, but the S9 will probably be better, surpassing it by a lot. Large amounts of files will be able to be stored at super slow motion. 960 frames per second at 720 p. The iPhone can do 1080 p at 240 frames per second. So the Samsung S9, does beat the Apple iPhone X  in that account.

Battery Life

As usual, and this should not come as a surprise at this point, the iPhone X is beaten by Samsung in terms of battery. Even the base model beats the iPhone X in terms of battery. The battery for the S9 Plus is even the better. The iPhone X has a battery of 2716 milliamps.  The S9 on the other hand has a 3000 mAh and the S9 Plus has a 3500 mAh score.  It should be noted though, that the S8 Plus had a battery life of 3600 mAh, so the S9 Plus is shrinking. Still beats Apple though.


With the Samung getting more expensive by the day, it still is not as expensive as the iPhone X. At $999 they did make that hard to do. The base model of the S9 is $875 while the S9 Plus will be $925, making it a cheaper buy for ,in a lot of cases, more features. The fact that it is not crossing $1000 is a huge plus.  For many people the fact that the iPhone X crosses the $1000 dollar mark is a huge no and is seen as not worth it. Even though it is only $200 more than the iPhone 8, it is seen as just too much. Samsung being a newer phone with a cheaper price should work in its favor.

Download Speed

The snapdragon 845 does give the Samsung undeniably amazing download speeds, with it almost doubling the download speeds of the iPhone X. The 1.2 gigabit download speed of the S9 is incredibly futuristic and does deserve credit towards Samsung. Though, the download speed being offered by Samsung is to a certain extent, a little too much. Logically even 5G is hardly rolling out in a few places, so the download speed we are talking about seems as tad much. Who knows though? A few years and we may have the support from service providers to use this download speed to its optimum.


The S9 is keeping its ip68 water resistance which is 5ft 30mins versus 3ft 30 mins on the iPhone X with an ip67.


With the Animoji being Apple’s answer to futuristic emojis, Samsung has added AR emojis where you can make emojis of your own face into many different characters. Samsung captures a picture of your face, and then you can go ahead by customizing it.


  • Samsung Galaxy S9- 4GB (S9) and S9 Plus has 6GB
  • iPhone X- 3GB of RAM

Other additions to the S9 include an application where you can change foreign texts into your language of choice in real time, which is an interesting and incredibly useful feature. Make up applications that allow you to try on makeup live have been added as well. Camera scanning of food for calorie counts, to add to a tracker for fitness freaks has been a recent addition. D brand has also created a website where you can customize the shell of your S9 and S9 Plus. Immersive stereo speaker experience is now a reality for the S9 as well. The headphone jack is still available on the S9 while it has been noticeably removed from the iPhone X. The new DEX dock is getting people excited as well wherein you can use the S9 as an even more powerful computer. Resizing windows and using your phone as a track pad for your computer are all helpful additions. The Samsung S9 does give you a computer as well, which is something Apple has not even touched base with. The RAM on the S9 does give you amazing background running for apps and speed, but Apple is more than efficient with 3 GB and should not be under estimated. Both storage capabilities start at 64 GB but the S9 can be upgraded up to 400gigabytes.  Split screen apps, answering a message through a window without leaving a video are examples of multiple software enhancements on the S9.

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