iPhone XS rumours send everyone into a frenzy


It has been a busy time for Apple, which will continue for another fortnight. New rumors have surfaced about the new iPhone, supposedly called iPhone XS.

New leaks have emerged on the internet, most about the design of the new iPhone. According to the Apple leak website 9to5Mac, photos of the new iPhone were found in a ‘hidden’ part of Apple’s official website. They are confident that the new 5.8″ iPhone will be called iPhone XS. There will be 3 models that will be released this September. All of these phones will touch different price categories.

Unlike how iPhone 6 changed the entire design scenario of iPhones, the models that will be released this year would be built around the same design of iPhone X. It is believed that a brand new, unseen goldĀ colour would be available in the new phones.

Is Apple scared and playing safe?

Even though the fans are excited, critics feel that the similar designs depict a ‘scared’ Apple. There would be no major hardware changes, no out-of-the-box features. The only upgrade is expected to be the A12 chip. Moreover, it is believed that Tim Cook intends to develop a customer base and keep the loyal fans by not taking any risks with the design. The iPhone X was already a major change in the design, with Apple removing the physical home button.

However, the upcoming 5G internet service might be a topic of concern. Network providers will have to increase the prices by around $21. There are also rumors that suggest the Apple fans might not even see 5G compatible iPhones this year. As Apple has switched to Intel from Qualcomm, 5G compatibility might be a late arrival for Apple users.

Whether Apple is really scared and abstaining from taking risks, or they have everything sorted? These questions would be answered at the Apple launch event on September 12 in their Cupertino HQ.

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