iPhone XS, XS Max have new power chip designed by Apple, extra Antenna Band


A Second teardown of the iPhone XS and XS Max has confirmed the minimal internal changes made by Apple over its predecessor, the iPhone X, but adds that there is an antenna change that may help the device achieve faster connection speeds over cellular networks.

The Custmoary iFixit teardown could be best described as a rerun of the iPhone X disassembly, with the vast majority of components being similar to the previous model. After taking of the displays, the iPhone XS Max appears to be constructed in a similar fashion to its smaller counterpart, but sith slightly more room for component placement.

An external change that has been spotted by the team is the addition of an extra antenna where the left microphone hole used to reside.

One major difference between the two model is the battery, in that while the iPhone XS has progressed to a single cell L-Shaped unit.

The Battery is Charged and power is provided to the iPhone XS Max by an apple designed power controller. The larger XS Max takes advantage of the extra internal space by including a larger Taptic Engine, as well as an extended logic board that shifts one of the display connectors to the base.

Getting to back glass, it is noted to have the same construction as used for the iPhone X and iPhone 8.

It simply means a single small Crack in the back panel would require a whole chassis replacement if required. The display could be replaced without disabling the Face ID hardware.


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