Apple iPhones in 2018 to come with MediaTek Modems?

The upcoming Apple iPhones of 2018 are expected to feature LTE modems from either Intel or MediaTek by replacing Qualcomm's modem.


As things are not good with the Qualcomm and Apple, the company is planning to partner up with MediaTek, one of the leading chipset manufacturers to supply LTE modems for the future Apple iPhones models.

Presently, the modem suppliers for the Apple iPhone are Qualcomm and Intel. From next year, the upcoming iPhones will feature a modem manufactured by either Intel or MediaTek. Pairing up with MediaTek will also offer advantages with respect to pricing, which helps in decreasing the overall cost of production of the Apple iPhones.

Apple might also ask an helping hand to produce smart speakers and wireless charging pads. This partnership will be good for MediaTek as well as Apple. However, Qualcomm will be losing the one of the major partner, which might lead to the cut down of profits.

However, this will affect Apple as well. As we covered, the Apple iPhone X featuring Qualcomm modem has better networking capabilities with faster download speeds compared to the one on the Apple iPhone X with Intel modem. So, this might affect Apple’s capabilities of producing the best smartphone experience.

MediaTek has known for cheaper processors, however, when it comes to performance they are never able to cope up with the competition (Qualcomm). At least after pairing with Apple MediaTek might improve the quality of their microchips and processors.

Here is a report from un-named sources regarding this partnership:

“Some industry watchers said that MediaTek meets the three principles long followed by Apple in determining providers of chip solutions for its various product lines: leading technological competitiveness, comprehensive product blueprints, and reliable logistic support.”

Let’s wait and watch regarding this issue. What do you think about this partnership? Share your views in the comment box regarding this new partnership. Will Apple get the benefitted from this or Qualcomm? Time has to answer this question.

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