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iPhones with OLED displays may not have a notch in 2019

Frequent complaints about the iPhone X included that multiple apps did not suit the way the screen was made and that the notch on the top was only a hindrance to the way the phone was supposed to function.

Citing sources, a Korean publication ,Electronic Times, has reported that Apple is working on a design wherein most of the front of the phone will be covered with screen, implying the removal of the notch altogether. Even though the Face ID feature relies on the components in the notch, the report states that Face ID will be retained which leaves multiple assumptions as to where those components will be moved. The wide range of cameras and sensors could be moved to the OLED panel, putting the components from the notch below the display. The other more probable option is that they will move the components to the top of the phone without cutting into the display. The possibility of using area within displays is also something that could be seen happening.

Apple is apparently in talks with many companies so it can go ahead and implement a full screen model. Even though the release of these models is a good year and a half way, it is already getting Apple fanatics excited but the news should probably be taken skeptically.

To many the notch was a temporary solution and was not what they wanted to see their smartphones having. Even though the notch does affect the design and layout negatively it is notch that big a problem. After getting used to the iPhone X, you hardly even notice the notch. Also for Apple, it has always been about setting themselves apart. Before that it was the home key, with the removal of the home key, the notch took it’s place as it’s signature icon. Apple does not want to be just another piece of glass.

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