iWork apps for iOS and OS X got updated


Today Apple released a set of maintenance update for its iWork applications on both iOS and OS X, before knowing about this updated let us know about this iWork. This is an application onĀ Apple for the mobile office and productivity suite, composed of Pages for word processing, Numbers for spreadsheets, and Keynote for presentations.

The iWork suit of apps is similar in features to what Microsoft offers with their office of iPad suite of apps if you are fed-up with iCloud and your own Mac then this is the better option. This iWork app includes Pages, Numbers and keynote. By using pages you can compose anything and everything from a newsletter to book, memo to a flyer, easy to resume, Poster to card.


Numbers is a spread sheet which makes you to plan quickly, anything and every thing from the checklist to budget, saving to schedule and many other. If you are familiar with Excel files not to worry, Numbers not only opens but also makes you to save file to native create excel format. In this way there is no problem for the Microsoft users to use the files in Numbers.

Keynote makes presentations easy and this includes presentations for work or school and many more. similar like Numbers, keynote also bond well with Microsoft and let you to save the files in power point format when you need.

Now Apple has updated the Pages, Numbers and Keynote for the iOS and OS X with improvements and bug fixes. This update is now available for pages , Numbers and Keynote for iOS and OS X.

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