How to jail Break iOS 8.1.1 (TaiG Method)


Initially Pangu is the first method to do Jail breaking for iOS 8 and iOS 8.1, now another Chinese developing team came up with one more method namely TaiG which has new Jail Break for iOS 8.1.1 and also this method works for iOS 8.2 beta version.

Generally all the Jail Breaking tools in many methods includes Pangu and many more is simple to do like plug in the iPhone, turn off some settings and click a button. Jail broken, Cydia installed and you are good to go. It is important to note how ever this is another jail break, but as with all new jailbreaks, some tweaks won’t work until they are updated, and it’s up to you if you trust the team’s jailbreak.

How to Jail Break your iPhone, iPad and iPod device running on iOS 8.1.1:

First you have to back up your Jail breaking devices iPhone, iPad and iPod, follow the below steps

  • Open iTunes on your Computer.
  • Plug in your device via USB cables.
  • Click on your device in the left sidebar, if not click on view > to show sidebar.
  • Click on back up.

Restore your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch to iOS 8.1.1:

This is an optional section but always recommended with any Jail Break, you can skip this section and try without it, but if you run into issues, come back to this and do it before trying again with the rest of the tutorial.If iOS 8.1.1 is the last version of iOS at that time you are doing this tutorial then Click on restore.

If iOS 8.2 or higher comes out or if you are already jail broken to this instead head to my video tutorial on how to unjail break the iPhone as it is the best way to restore the iPhone/iPad touch to iOS 8.1.1. Just make sure to select the iOS 8.1.1 from the film fare when downloading it.

Things to do before jail breaking iPhone/ipad/iPod devices :

There are few things that need to be adjusted before we do the jail break in order for it to do work property

  • On the device go to settings > iCloud and Turn off Find my Phone.
  • Go to settings > Touch ID and Passcode and Turn your pass code entirely.
  • Pull up the control center from the bottom of the device screen and tap the Airplane icon to enable the Airplane mode.

Follow the steps to Jail break iPhone/iPad/iPod using TaiG :                                                                                   

At the moment TaiG has Window program for Jail breaking, so you need to be either on windows or Virtual machine running on your Mac.

  • First you have to download TaiG on the given link and save it to your desktop.
  • Once downloaded, Extract the files from the TaiG.Zip file.
  • Once it is recognize the device, uncheck the second check box to stop from also installing TaiG App store. which you don’t need and make check Cydia is checked still.
  • Click the big green button and hold on to your horses.
  • once it reboot, you will see Cydia on any device like iPhone/iPad/iPod.
  • That’s it

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