John Giannandrea, Google’s AI head, joins Apple


Apple is hiring, John Giannandrea, Google’s former head of search and artificial intelligence. Giannandrea is a machine learning expert who joined Google back in 2010. Times reported that Giannandrea will report directly to CEO Tim Cook as the leader of “machine learning and AI strategy,”.

Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google are big names in the Artificial Intelligence industry. They have got thousands of employees who have been working on the technology for quite some time. They regularly publish substantive papers that help inform internal products and the collective AI research community at large. Apple which has brought the voice-based digital assistant to the fore-front lacks in terms of the research and the data when compared to its rivals.

Siri, the most famous personal digital assistant lags behind its competitors like Alexa and Google Assistant. The Google assistant has the same algorithms that power Google Translate and Google Image Search and is miles ahead of Siri due to this fact. The Alexa is the popular choice for the smart home accessories and better than Siri at what it does.

According to the industry experts, Apple’s approach to data collection and user privacy, while commendable from an ideological standpoint, hamper its ability to keep pace with other Silicon Valley heavyweights. Apple didn’t even let its employees publish their AI based research until 2016.

With Giannandrea leading the AI department Apple is looking forward to hiring more top-level talent and improve its algorithms. The company has been planning to do so for a long time while keeping in mind its stance on privacy. The neural networks, the core aspect of deep learning techniques for developing self-improving software needs a large amount of data to be trained on, Apple is necessarily at a disadvantage because it only has access to publicly available sets.

It is finally time for Apple to catch up with its competitors in the Artificial Intelligence industry.

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