Jon McCormack, Former Amazon CTO joins Apple


Apple has been on a hiring spree and John Giannandrea, Google’s former head of search and artificial intelligence has recently joined Apple as the head of AI department. Bloomberg reports that Apple has hired Jon McCormack, former Amazon CTO as vice president for a software role. McCormack has also worked at Google as an executive in the Advanced Technology and Products group and at HP where he was the global head of software.

The reports aren’t that clear but Apple told Bloomberg that it has hired the former Amazon CTO. McCormack has recently changed his title on LinkedIn. The profile now reflects the new VP role at Apple.

Apple was lagging behind the competitors such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon when in the Artificial Intelligence department for quite some time. Siri was in dire need of some major improvements to cope up with Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Apple has been focusing software reliability and performance for iOS heading into WWDC and efforts on a cross-platform solution for macOS/iOS. The expertise of Jon McCormack will be an added bonus in these efforts.

This hiring along with John Giannandrea’s are the major steps taken by Apple to get put Siri in the same league as Alexa and Google Assistant. These hirings might also help in the development of the self driving cars that Apple is allegedly working on. Recently, Apple has filed a patent which allows AR and VR features to be implemented in the self driving cars.

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