Latest jobs report of USA looks promising


Latest jobs report of USA: Encouraging signs that America is getting back to work tonight, employers added nine hundred 43 thousand more jobs in July. And the unemployment rate fell to 5.4 percent. President Biden calling that indisputable proof that his recovery plan is working.

But cautioning that the Delta variant still poses a risk. Tonight, stronger than expected jobs numbers as the economy continues its recovery from the pandemic. The U.S. adding nearly a million jobs last month. The president is today cautiously optimistic.

Latest jobs report of USA
Latest jobs report of USA

We continue to battle the Delta surge of Covid. What is indisputable now is this the Biden plan is working. The Biden plan produces results. Biden’s plan is moving the country forward.

Latest jobs report: US Unemployment Rate

Unemployment falls to 5.4 percent, down from 5.9 percent in June. More than a quarter-million jobs added in education as many schools prepare to return to in-person learning and nearly 400000 jobs added in leisure and hospitality.

There’s just no question these are great numbers and we should celebrate them. But we’re not popping champagne corks until the virus is behind us. The course of the virus still determines the course of the economy.

How consumers and businesses respond to the Delta variant. Just this week, we’ve seen Amazon, Microsoft, and Wells Fargo push back their return to office dates. And that can have a ripple effect on local coffee shops, restaurants, gyms, on hiring, and it can put a squeeze on jobs going forward.

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