Latest Vudu app for Apple TV supports UHD movies


The popular movie and TV platform vudu has now been updated with support for ultra high definition (UHD) playback on Apple TV which clearly suggests that one can now watch 4K HDR content on Apple TV through Vudu application.

Apple in Vudu has released a lot of 4K HDR tiles and however though one of the major holdout was and still is Disney. It is not quite a support for the 4K HDR but however the films that is available.

But though there is a close relationship between Disney and Apple, yet Disney has refused to offer the streaming of 4K movies via the iTunes store though now with the update, the users can view the same on Vudu tiles. Also the fact remains that Disney has been quite slow in making a switch to 4Kmovies and the same is why the viewers cannot get much of the movies to enjoy in 4K.

But however such is sure to change given that the 4K tiles are available now in Vudu and the concerns and worries over the same would change. And the viewers would be slowly in with options to enjoy a lot of 4K movies. And the movies to chose from would be from banners like Marvel, Disney and Pixar as the tiles of the same are mostly available in Vudu.

Disney tiles run for $24.99 in UHD whereas other tiles run for $14.99.

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