Apple faces lawsuit after customers complain of issues with Powerbeats battery


A judge has given a go-ahead to the lawsuit filed against the Powerbeats2 and 3 headphones of Apple. It just requires some amendments to the complaint to begin the legal process.

There are already seven customers who have complained about the battery life. Not only the battery isn’t as good as promised but the headphones stop working on contact with sweat. This is totally unacceptable as the headphones were marketed to be sweatproof. Customers haven’t clearly mentioned if they were sweating during the use of product or not.

The customers have said that they owned multiple Powerbeats headphones. All of them failed to last as long as promised by Apple. 6 hours for Powerbeats2 and up to 12 hours for Powerbeats3.

Apple has explicitly marketed the headphones to be sweatproof. They even hired athletes like LeBron James to advertise the feature. One of the customers, Christopher Bizzelle, claimed that he had his Powerbeats 2 replaced over five times. All of these five sets stopped working within months, even weeks. The headphones either stopped charging or didn’t turn on.

He went to an Apple store where he was told that the headphones stop working because of the sweat. Bizzelle bought a pair of Powerbeats 3 and had to get it replaced multiple times as well. According to the ruling other customers have also faced similar issues with their headphones as well.

As of now, Powerbeats are the only headphones sold by Apple that are claimed to be sweat/waterproof. The Airpods and Earpods along with the Beats series could be seen being used in the gyms but they are not sweatproof. They aren’t made for an intense workout and can get damaged. On the other hand, the Powerbeats should be able to handle the sweat easily but it fails to do so.

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