LeadKlozer Tutorial – Segment your Facebook leads with 3 clicks


If you have never segmented your leads from Facebook, then stop wondering why you’re not closing more deals…

hmm… ?‍♂️… let’s read that again… do NOT wonder why you’re not closing any more deals from Facebook if you haven’t ever segmented your leads. So what is segmentation and how in the world do you even do such a thing?

BUT ?More specifically, Smart Search, from LeadKlozer ?

Smart Search allows you to easily create highly customized lists of your most important leads in seconds with an advanced search engine for your entire contact database. See which leads have commented most recently on ads, interacted with a particular post, or your top 25 “Most Engaged” Facebook leads overall and so much more.

Smart Search is your own robust, yet simple to use search feature allowing you to segment ALL YOUR CONTACTS into prioritized lists based on the search criteria that are most important to your business. It puts total control in your hands by allowing you to use a number of search options at the same time to find the exact leads who require your attention most urgently.

Check out LeadKlozer CEO interview.

You’ll see how to quickly find your HIGHEST PRIORITY LEADS ? to ensure that you’re spending your precious follow-up time as wisely as possible and would never miss a lead opportunity again!

This is what it looks like:

User Graphic Content

Examples of Powerful Smart Searches:

Search for high priority leads or customers based on their Contact Status (hot, warm, etc.), closing stages accomplished, products purchased, tags, types of interaction with you and your Facebook page(s), sorted by time, and so much more.

  • Want to find everyone who commented on your Facebook page’s posts or ads within the last week? ?
  • How about anyone who you had a phone call with over the last 30 days? ?
  • Who are your warm or hot leads that have progressed to a certain stage in your follow-up and closing process? ??
  • Can you see everyone who you’ve tagged as “Shared Pricing” over the last month that hasn’t bought a product yet? ✊

You know best how you want to search, segment, or filter your contacts based on what you have going on in your business. Smart Search is the easy way for you to do that, so you can always find your highest priority leads and follow-up with them within seconds.

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