Apple to provide Lisa OS for desktops under free licence

Computer History Museum is working with Apple to bring back the much loved Lisa operating system (Lisa OS) for free of cost in the year of 2018.


Lisa is one of the first customers centric operating system with the graphical user interface, which changed the way we use personal computers. Originally, the computer with Lisa OS was sold for $10,000 in 1983. Now in next few days, the users will be able to re-live the Lisa OS for free of cost.

A software engineer in the Computer History Museum has said that the source code and the applications of the Lisa OS have been recovered and the same has submitted to Apple to make it available for the public use. When the review completes, the Museum will make it send the notification regarding the public access in early 2018.

This is the operating system that started the spark between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. The software was originally created by XEROX and later Jobs bought the company with 100,000 shares worth of $10 per share. Within three days, Apple completely understood the software side and came with a new operating system known as Lisa OS. In fact, Xerox PARC lab was the reason for today’s Windows and MacOS operating system.

For the time, Lisa was leading the competition with completely re-designed graphical user interface and a mouse to interact with the operating system. In fact, at that time the computer was priced at $25,000 and Apple came up with a pretty interesting marketing strategy to sell these computers. Due to high cost, the Macintosh didn’t do well for the company, which made many changes in Apple’s workforce.

So, if you are into old school computers, then you will appreciate the efforts made by Computer history museum. There are plenty of emulators online, which offers Lisa OS experience, so, head towards Google and search for Lisa OS emulators to experience the richness of 1983’s operating system in 2017. Don’t forget to share your opinion on the same after testing the emulators.

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