List of apps revealed by Apple and IBM enterprise partnership



Apple and IBM had entered into an agreement in July this year with an aim to merge IBM’s enterprise data solutions with iOS software and hardware. This partnership is aimed to provide secured enterprise solutions for insurance, banking and other government sectors. Today Apple has announced first suite of apps, that are result of this collaboration. Here is the list.

  • Passenger+, falls in Travel and Transportation category which allows the flight attendants to provide extensive level of illustrated services to the passengers travelling in flight. Services includes special offers, re-booking and luggage information.
  • Plan Flight, is also Travel and Transportation app addresses the major expenses of all airline services such as fuel. It help pilots to check flight schedules, flight plans and staff manifests according to time and let flying staff to report issues to ground staff.
  • Advise & Grow, falls in Banking and Financial markets category help bankers to assert with their small business clients in secured environment. Bankers can securely access client profiles and competitive analyses and can study anaytics driven statistics which helps them to make personalized recommendations to each and every client.
  • Trusted Advice, allows the financial advisers to access and manage client accounts effectively and get detailed statistics from powerful predictive analytics. It offers complete ability to test recommendations with refined modelling tools for secure transactions.
  • Case advice, is for the Government which deals with the issue of workload and support among the team members who are taking critical decisions on the go. The solutions adjust the case based priorities depends on real-time insights and asses risk on the predictive analytics.
  • Retention, is for the insurance agents which offers agents an easy way to access clients profiles and history and offers an insights driven retention risk score. It remembers agents with remainders, alerts and recommendations and collects from key transactions such as e-signatures and premiums.
  • Incident Aware, converts an iOS device into key crime prevention asset and offers law enforcement officers with the real time access to the maps and video feeds of the locations where the incident has happened. Provides data regarding escalation risk, victim status and crime history and also ability to call for backup and supporting services.
  • Sales assist, enables the retail associates to connect with the customers and offers suggestions based on the purchase history and current selections. Helps to check inventory, locate the items in store and ship the items out of store.
  • Pick and pack, is another retail solution, which mixes proximity based technology with the back end inventory systems for transformed order fulfillment.
  • Expert tech, falls into telecommunication category and enters into the device’s iOS capabilities including FaceTime for the quick access to expertise and location based service for improved route optimization to deliver the superior on site service.

While these are the first phase of apps released by Apple and IBM enterprise collaboration, more than 100 apps are yet to come.

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