Low demand for iPhone X affects component suppliers


Bad news it is if reports are to believed given that the sluggish market growth continues for the Smartphone market given the weak demand for the OLED panels which are used in phones such as the iPhone X. The report has been stated by Samsung electronics who are presently enjoying a positive quarterly profits.

The reports though suggests that the sluggish market conditions are to continue given that the weak demand for the parts and the Smartphone are to remain, which clearly hint that the earnings of the manufactures are set to reduce or maybe won’t have a great amount of growth, yet the competition still remains in the high end market.

Samsung apart from being itself a manufacturer of Smartphone is also a component supplier, such as the OLED panels that are used in the iPhone X. And certainly the weak demands for the OLED components have hit the company to some extent and also forecast and reports do not suggest any bright times ahead.

The iPhone X since its launch has not been doing too well and the numbers doesn’t actually suggest a great demand for the product by the apple devotees and maybe such has led to the less demand which makes the component suppliers skeptical in a greater part of the iPhone X‘s viability as a product that was expected to be a crowd puller. Also reports suggest that the iPhone X production has been reduced to half owing to fewer sales.

The practical reports from the field are somewhat contrary to what Tim Cook had claimed earlier. Tim Cook, the present CEO of Apple Inc had earlier claimed that the sales of iPhone X would beat the sales of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus, but such statements has not come close to what the actual reality suggests.

Alongside Apple, the Austrian firm, AMS which supplies the components for iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera had reported sales on similar lines of declining demand which has tantamount to lower than expected revenue.

Apple Inc can though seek redemption from such negative outlook about its latest offering iPhone X if the earning reports for its second fiscal quarter of 2018 can speak in a positive manner.

Also, on the brighter side, apple has plans to introduce three new models of iPhone and those would also make use of the OLED panels as are the ones supplied by Samsung. Also plans to diversify its supplier base by bringing in LG into the foray as one of its supplier.

But reports and sales numbers certainly don’t speak in favor of the premium Smartphone maker and certainly a lot of revamping is required to the production and product decision.

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