Lyft removes its Apple Watch App from App Store


Lyft is the newest company which abandons the support for the Apple Watch, removed its Apple Watch app in an update that was launched today.

The company did not announce the elimination of the Apple Watch app in the update’s notes. But it is said that Lyft Apple Watch app is not listed in the App Store and also not available to install through the Watch app on the iPhone. There’s also not mentioned in the Apple Watch in the App Store description.

It is still not clear that why the Lyft app was excluded from the App Store. This continues becoming a trend where significant companies are eliminating their Apple Watch apps. It is because of its low usage or Apple’s call that all apps use the watchOS 4 SDK.

Before April, each Apple Watch app updates proffered to the App Store should use the watchOS 2 SDK or later. Apple Watch apps which uses the watchOS 1 SDK is no longer ready to be renewed. Lyft has updated them many times since April. It’s not yet clear if the condition is the reason why the app was withdrawn. Lyft first proposed support for the Apple Watch in September 2016.

This company joins various different major companies that have discontinued development for the Apple Watch. And those who have discharged their watchOS apps, including Twitter, Google Maps, Amazon, Instagram, and eBay.

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