MacBook Pro 2018 to launch with 28W Intel CPU? Geekbench benchmark hints


A new MacBook Pro is expected to arrive as per the Geekbench benchmark. The new MacBook Pro 15,2 model features with an Intel i7-8559U Coffee Lake CPU. This CPU runs up to 28W and has not been shipped to any product yet. This new quad-core CPU has a base frequency of 2.70GHz and can go to a turbo of 4.5GHz.

If true, the benchmark indicates an upgrade to CPU. The new model will come with 8Mb L3 cache and Iris Plus integrated graphics. The MackBook 15,2 model identifier designation suggests that this new version is a revision of 13-inch MacBook Pro. The 13-inch MacBook Pro launched in 2017 has a dual-core Intel chip and benchmarks to 4600 single-core and 9500 multi-core. The new 2018 model is suggested to have higher benchmark in performance than the 15-inch MackBook Pro released in 2017.

The benchmark suggests that the new model has LPDDR3 RAM which has 16Gb of onboard RAM. The system runs on macOS 10.13.6 build 17G2110 which is High Sierra and not Mojave. This indicates that Apple is planning to launch the new MacBook before the release of macOS Mojave.

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